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1. Create Account

Registering for a BAP account is free and very simple.  Register at:  As with all BAP screens, a help video for the screen and some help text is included.

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2. Download VM

After receiving an email from BAP team you will need to download the Virtual Machine that has the bapFramework. (Remember the log on to the BAP portal is:

Select the “Download VM” menu option, then select “download”.  Note the download will expire, so please download as soon as possible.  The file size is appx 4 GB.

You are downloading the file that will be imported into your virtual environment. Step 3 will help you setup the virtual machine and import the BAP file.

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3. License Key

The license key is important in order for the framework to operate. You will download the license key from the You can go there via the following URL:  The help desk video and text in the left margin may be of assistance as well. Simply select to download the file.  Just pay attention to where you download the files are, as the next step will need them.

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4. Configure the VM

1. Now that the virtual machine has been downloaded from the we need to open the folder that has the downloaded file.  The file is typically found in the “Downloads Directory” as seen below.

2. You can open your VM Workstation (used in the training video) or your VMWare environment and simply import the downloaded file OR drag and drop the file onto the VMWare icon (as seen in the training video). For installation in a Hyper-V environment, go to this link:

3. Configure your virtual machine with the following as a minimum:  16GB RAM, using a single CPU, configure 4 cores, at least 5GB disk space, Network Adapters: NAT and Local Host.

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5. Starting the BAP Framework

Step 5 is to start the BAP Framework and activate the license.  You will perform the following during this installation step, please view the training video for additional information:

1.  Access the bapFramework by using the address you received in step 4.  Remember that you can always go back to the VM that is running and find the IP address to the bapFramework.

2. You will sign in with your username.  It is the same username you have been using for all other activities, with one exception… the password has been changed to match the license you downloaded.  The password is located on the bapPortal.  You will select tools, Framework License from the bapPortal screen.

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