Anyone who has been around the security industry for any length of time has seen plenty of marketing campaigns filled with dark images of hooded characters or staggering statistics of the explosive costs associated with cybercrime. With these images and the ever-frequent news stories, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of an insurmountable fight to stay ahead of the cybersecurity doomsday scenario.  While the future of cybercrime is a bumpy road, it is important to pause and recognize the great things that have come from the fight against cybercrime – namely innovation.

Cyber Crime Breeds Product Innovation

In a competitive market like cybersecurity, customers win as companies are forced to focus on customer needs, innovate rapidly, and create competitive pricing. Arguably, the best outcome of the news-breaking cyberattacks is the rapid development of many innovative, cutting-edge cybersecurity products and technologies. To stay competitive, legacy products need to quickly modernize. Consequently, customers must educate themselves in order to stay focused on the facts that matter most to their specific needs.

What Matters Most

Too often many of us are guilty of jumping into purchasing focused on products to solve a particular pain point. Before ever engaging with any cyber vendors, organizations should consider taking time to identifying the overall cyber strategy. What does the big picture look like, where are the biggest risks, have objectives been defined? Perhaps then, once identifying what “right” looks like, we can determine the best products needed to achieve the specific standards required in your industry. Once an organization has identified the needs of this system security plan, they can more efficiently turn attention towards the products and solutions that will successfully meet their objectives.  This practice will save time and budget, provide a more organized security infrastructure, and the best cybersecurity defense.

Key Considerations

Customers today are savvy enough to weed through exaggerated claims, like the assertion that one product can solve all problems in the entire security ecosystem.  Successful products will create collaboration between products, such as SIEM tools working with your log aggregators working with your compliance health products. Here are a few other things to consider:

Does this product maximize cybersecurity spend? Your product should work or build on your existing cybersecurity stack.

Is it automated? Does this technology automate key processes? Namely does it give you the ability to continuously monitor your environment?

Is the company customer focused? Is the product able to be customized to your specific environment? Does the company offer you personalized support?

Is the company committed to and investing in product development? Does the company continue to prioritize ongoing innovation?

Become Cyber Ready with BAP

Here at BAP we are pleased to work for a company that checks all of the boxes listed above. The bapFramework is making waves in Federal government agencies, state governments, and corporate enterprises for cutting-edge technology designed to address a major hole in the security stack – visibility. In addition:

  • Validation: BAP gives every organization the ability to validate their existing technology stack to ensure that products are doing what they are supposed to and validate their spend.
  • Real-time Visibility: BAP gives organizations the ability for unprecedented, real-time visibility of the health of their organizations.
  • Responsive: BAP works closely with our customers to provide the optimal environment.
  • Innovation: Here at BAP we believe that innovation is critical. We never stop considering new possibilities for addressing existing challenges. One of the ways we are innovating is bringing you the bapFramework in the Cloud. This gives even more companies the power to build accountable security.

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