Bridge the cybersecurity gap

BAP JumpStart

Cybersecurity is easy with BAP JumpStart

Install the bapFramework
Upload your BAP Jumpstart file to populate your security controls
Link to your system events for instant security health visibility
PCI RMF Customize

You are on your way to enhancing your cybersecurity posture by at least 50%. Request the BAP JumpStart file to automatically populate your bapFramework with pre-packaged, industry specific policy standards and baselines. Over time, continue to customize your bapFramework while increasing your cyber protection. It’s as easy as BAP.

Continuous monitoring of security control health

Automate alignment between technology and security controls. Drive accountable security.

Interoperability for cybersecurity

Connect governance to technology. Strengthen policy and security control impact. Establish global automated adoption of policy standards. No external dependencies. No framework purchase required.

Real time visibility

Real time gap analysis through control to event mapping. Drill down discernability from systemwide to policy or control specific activity.

Build accountable cyber protection in three easy steps


Understand security regulations. Compare existing security policy with new policy requirements.


Validate the control implementation language to security control objectives.


Automate connectivity between information governance and IT. Align security standards to system performance.


Compare current security policy regulation

Automate review of any policy.
Quickly determine how legacy policy documentation differs or aligns with new policy requirements.
Understand security requirements

See BAP for yourself


Validate the suitability of security control implementation

Determine instantly how your cybersecurity strategy aligns with policy objectives
Validate language used to answer compliance based questions that provide insight for the organization
Create custom interviews to ensure compliant standards implementation throughout the organization

See BAP for yourself


Achieve complete system based security by aligning real-time threats to policy standards

Automate connectivity between governance and IT. Align security standards to system performance.
Leverage the pre-loaded NIST controls to achieve security accountability for any regulation or standard.
Leverage event log output from existing infrastructure and en-point technologies to understand the real-time impact of cyber threats to your organization.

See BAP for yourself

bapFramework examples

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