Automated security standard mapping will transform cyber risk from traditional spot check guesswork into comprehensive, detailed, and continuously available cyber health risk visibility.  Increase customer retention and conversion by automating the cyber risk gap analysis process.

Leverage regulations for competitive advantage

The era of the digital transformation is here, leading to an incredible growth in data. This, in turn, is contributing to an explosion in the growth of IOT and overall computing capabilities, which increases the risk of cyberthreat. The IDC estimates by 2025 digital transactions will create and replicate 163 zettabytes of data. Global governments are racing to develop regulations and frameworks to best protect business, constituents and government interests. These regulations range from NERC to protect the US power grid, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to name a few.

The trick is to develop a strategy that is compliant with applicable industry regulations.  Utilization of recommended standards not only reduces cyber risk, but drives assurances and reduces risk, which ultimately contribute towards business financial achievement. Why not build these regulations into your organization’s business objectives?

Transform your Digital Experience

As you implement new technology to modernize your environment, security must always be a top concern. By adopting the standards and rules of conduct outlined in these regulations, you are abiding by a higher standard of behavior.  Regulations can help shape business processes and procedures, from technical to operations to issue resolution. Partnering with a technology provider, like BAP, that can automate the mapping of security controls gives you more time to focus on improving the front-end experience.

Reclaim and Manage Trust

The key to delighting your customers lies in the establishment of trust.  In the past, customers were most familiar with validating their identity in person. However, as disruptive digital-only technologies continue to fill the market, it is critical to create and establish online ways of creating trust. When customers are aware that you are prioritizing the security of their data, they are more likely to conduct and repeat business. Making customers aware of the steps the organization has taken to protect them is a crucial step towards earning this trust.

Make your Data Security Accountable

In today’s digital-first world we need security that is accountable.  Accountable security understands what is working, what is not, and what steps are needed for improvement.  Many organizations know they need security but they question where to start.  Once the path is clear, how do we re-adjust to ongoing modifications to our environment?   Traditional IT security and GRC technologies stop short of bridging the gap between policy regulation and the reality of technical operation.  BAP provides an actionable, repeatable and measurable cybersecurity framework with thousands of templates that match up to any regulations or standards. BAP is designed to jumpstart your security monitoring within hours, not days.

Embrace your Digital Future

The time to ensure your business success is now.  Seamlessly integrate your strategy with both regulatory requirements and operational event activity.  Bring together the entire organization to help drive a more secure, more visible path towards cyber strength.  Continuously monitor the health of your established controls and quickly understand security and compliance progress.

Whether you are a banking institution, a Federal agency, or large hospital network, automating security standard visibility offers unprecedented quickness and efficiency in security risk management.  By leveraging existing government regulations and reassuring your customer base of your cyber risk strategy execution, you will make quantum leaps towards financial and cyber security success.

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