VMWare - Step 5 Starting the BAP Framework

By Jeffrey LushSep 23, 2017
BAP Install

Step 5 is to start the BAP Framework and activate the license.  You will perform the following during this installation step, please view the training video for additional information: 

1.  Access the bapFramework by using the address you received in step 4.  Remember that you can always go back to the VM that is running and find the IP address to the bapFramework. 

2. You will sign in with your username.  It is the same username you have been using for all other activities, with one exception... the password has been changed to match the license you downloaded.  The password is located on the bapPortal.  You will select tools, Framework License from the bapPortal screen.  The screen looks like: 











View the video

Congratulations.  You have successfully completed the bapFramework installation.  Enjoy the bapFramework