Building Security Standards with BAP

By Jeffrey LushSep 3, 2017
Quick Read - Features

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Building security standards: Each security standard allows for customization of the security standard name, description, objective, security body (for example NIST, ISO), and security standard weight.  BAP delivers over 1500 preloaded security standards to choose from, as well as a marketplace where additional security standards may be purchased. Users of BAP have the ability to modify the security standard at any time, with active version control, activation, and the archival of the security standard. Security standards can be cloned and shared free of charge with other bapFrameworks. If you like a standard and want to simply enhance or modify that standard to become a new standard, you can easily do that within BAP. Security standards tend to change frequently, and the development of new security policies are often a "repackaging" of existing security standards (often found with certification efforts).  BAP allows for the creation of the new security standard although increases productivity by enabling existing standards and their implementation language to be imported into the new standard.   The new standard can then be included in the new security policy with little effort.