Continuous Security Validation

Implementing continuous security validation drives the cybersecurity program while providing continuous visibility and measurement.

How do you know when your IT Security is sufficient to contain vulnerabilities? How do you measure and check the effectiveness of the cybersecurity policy and IT Security tools and processes put in place? Thanks to cutting-edge technology developed over the last few years, BAP is providing the answer by automating the mapping between events and policy controls to provide continuous visibility and reporting.

Continuous Security Validation

Before now the only way to test the effectiveness of your IT security policy was to manually test them or bring in outside consultants to conduct a deep dive. Thanks to new technology expensive and time-consuming tests are no longer the only option for your organization. The solution is to cut out downtime and implement continuous security validation that can immediately give you real-time insight into how your systems and network security controls are performing.

Start with the End in Mind

The first step is always to develop your cybersecurity program, or cybersecurity risk program. Gaining alignment between the C-Level, in particularly the CISO, Risk and Compliance teams, IT Security teams, and any relevant business stakeholder can help to prioritize what “right” looks like and will reduce risk exposure right from the onset. Key emphasis should be placed on continuous monitoring of the health of your environment for real-time decisions.

The result is a new and powerful ability to drive the cybersecurity program by implementing continuous security validation while leveraging the same technology to drive regulator compliance. The ability to automate visibility extends even further, allowing for justification and rationalization of your security investments. Security teams can then leverage this information to determine the best path to response and mitigation.

The Game Changer

The bapFramework is changing how companies tackle their cybersecurity and compliance programs by automating your cybersecurity policy to gain unparalleled real-time policy-to-event intelligence. With BAP, validate your established standards to meet your customized implementation criteria and discover the benefit of continuous threat detection.

  • Continuously visualize your security controls
  • Discover and build security standards
  • Automate security standards to event mapping
  • Measure the effectiveness of IT Security investments and defenses
  • Quickly identify the gaps in security
  • Explore on-prem or in the Cloud.

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