LP3 and BAP Join Forces to Bridge the Cyber Gap

Wilmington, DE, August 1, 2018 – LP3 and BAP join forces to revolutionize protection for the United States Federal government and enterprise businesses by bridging the gap between IT and Policy to provide leaders with real time security posture views of each system in the enterprise.

BAP, the company that is revolutionizing technology that enables policy control mapping to governance and technology, today announced a partnership with LP3 to deliver real-time gap analysis with event mapping to control compliance.

LP3’s Cyber Security service guides Federal agencies and DoD contractors to meet NIST 800-53 and DFARS/NIST 800-171 requirements through technical security assessments, gap analysis, control implementation, and continuous monitoring. The partnership with BAP adds automated continuous monitoring to deliver an estimated 70% reduction in labor, infrastructure, and risk management cost.

“With the explosion of security incidents and continuing compliance gaps, government and corporate organizations continue to struggle to achieve compliance and cyber resilience with limited resources” said Scott Lawler, Chairman and CEO, LP3. “Through our partnership with BAP we can now offer clients accountable cyber security.  We give leaders a revolutionary real-time view of cyber health across an enterprise or system-by-system.  This is a game changer for cyber accountability across large enterprises.”

Together, BAP and LP3 are reducing the cost and time of gap analysis by automating continuous monitoring and compliance. LP3’s security experts leverage BAP’s Framework to assess government and enterprise environments to strategically build compliance and resilience.

The combination of LP3 and BAP’s security expertise and technologies:

  • Automate continuous monitoring significantly reducing manual control labor
  • Enable policy implementation visibility for the first time
  • Continuously validate enterprise and system security policy enforcement
  • Alert when compliant systems change to a non-compliant configuration
  • Leverage automation to reduce policy and technical control validations costs
  • Deliver hourly dashboard security posture updates – visibility not available today


“Effective cybersecurity starts with compliance and builds to cyber resiliency. As a trusted advisor to government organizations, LP3 is helping agencies and contractors achieve compliance to federal mandates, including DFARS NIST 800-171.” Said Jeffrey Lush, Co-founder and CEO, BAP. “Our combined innovative technology and process approach automates alignment between compliance and operational security controls to drive accountable security under governance controls.”

To learn more visit https://bapsolution.com/automatingdfarscompliancewithnist800-171/

About LP3

LP3 provides a full spectrum of cyber solutions to help protect government, businesses, and non-profit organizations from disruptive cyber-attacks.   LP3 helps clients achieve compliance and more importantly cyber resilience for long term security posture protection enabling operations to continue securely in the face of increasing internal and external threats.

About BAP

BAP is a pioneer in cybersecurity strategy implementation and governance.  Their recently engineered technology enables organizations to achieve industry mandated objectives including GDPR, DFARS, NIST, HIPAA, SEC Cyber, and New York State Cybersecurity regulations. BAP modernizes the correlation between security events and security standards, giving you a comprehensive and intelligent view of your system’s cyber health. BAP, which stands for, Build. Analyze. Protect, is the undisputed choice for organizations that are serious about accountable security.