BAP Revolutionizes Security Market with BAP Jumpstart

BAP Jumpstart enhances its security offering with prepackaged, industry-specific security standards

Purcellville, VA May 23, 2018 – BAP, an innovative cybersecurity software company, today announced the launch of bapJumpstart, the industry’s first ever next-generation, pre-packaged cyber controls, standards and policies activation tool, designed to simplify the delivery of cyber baselines. The product enhances the bapFramework to seamlessly and powerfully give organizations the ability to begin, within only a few hours, a mapping exercise that connects cyber controls and regulatory standards to organizational events. 

“For organizations that are seeking a quick, pre-defined cyberstrategy to get started, look no further than bapJumpstart.” Said Jeffrey Lush, Co-founder and CEO. “bapJumpstart allows an organization the ability to select from already created cyber-standards and baselines. Launching bapJumpstart increases your cyber accountability by at least 50%, giving you more time to focus on other things. Organizations are able to see results in hours, not weeks or months.”

As the name implies, bapJumpstart enables organizations to get started in a matter of hours and show immediate results. At a time when state-sponsored and rogue hacker attacks are a near daily occurrence throughout the globe, bapJumpstart is the first enterprise-grade standard and policy mapping tool. Further, when combined with the power of the bapFramework, a cyber strategy can be completed in a three-step process. First, build and discover your cyber standard needs. Second, analyze and validate the implementation of your cyber standards. Third, protect your environment with near real-time health of the cyber standards implemented.  

Offering a simple, link and load implementation process, information assurance teams will rest assured knowing that they have powerful real-time threat visibility of their environments. Security teams no longer need the high expense of bringing in outside teams to map the controls to events. Non-technical stake holders can easily see the cyber health of their organization with the BAP dashboards, reports and mobile application.

“The BAP mission has always been to introduce innovative new products that provide real-time visibility not previously available.” Said Paul Schoeny, Executive Vice President of BAP. “bapJumpstart not only gives you the ability to quickly activate industry specific policy standards and baselines, but also to customize over time your specific environment. BAP has already completed much of the heavy lifting for you. We mean it when we say “It’s as easy as BAP.”’

About BAP

BAP is the only product on the market today that specializes in Accountable Security. BAP bridges the Cybersecurity Gap to give unprecedented, real-time visibility of your organization’s cybersecurity health. BAP, which stands for Build, Analyze, Protect, modernizes the correlation between security events and security standards, giving you a comprehensive and intelligent view of your system’s health and compliance. BAP is the undisputed choice for organizations that are serious about accountable security.
More information can be found by visiting or text “BapSolution” to 44222.