BAP Brings Cloud-based Automation to Policy Control Mapping with OCS:

New security software designed for organizations from small business to the world’s largest enterprises to achieve compliance with regulations and to validate their security stack

Wilmington, DE, August 8, 2018 – BAP, LLC continued today to disrupt the cyber security market with the announcement of BAP OCS, a Cloud-based interface that enables organizations to automatically manage key elements of NIST RMF, DFARs, HIPAA, among many others. OCS offers the solution for organizations overwhelmed with determining security standards or regulatory compliance for their environments.

By extending the power of the BAP platform for small to large enterprise, BAP provides organizations of all sizes next-gen capabilities to automate mapping of cyber controls and enable control health visibility in as little an hour. In addition, OCS’s Cloud-based guided knowledge capabilities automatically maps policy controls to augment or replace any level of lacking security expertise.

“OCS provides organizations the ability to understand and prove the value of all your security investments. Executives now can understand the overall cyber health of their organization in a non-technical manner,” said Paul Schoeny, Vice President Cybersecurity, BAP, “There is not another product on the marketing that allows organizations to accurately determine the best use for their cyber product investments.”

To aid businesses with getting ahead of cyber, remove threats, including insider threats, BAP OCS provides the largest collection of security controls in the industry. “The ability to visualize the cross-pollination of cyber controls across multiple security bodies, such as NIST, DFARS, and HIPAA, is very unique and enables organizations to enhance their overall cyber security posture”, said Jeffrey Lush, CEO and Co-Founder, BAP.  Key features include:

  • Produce immediate results with an actionable cyber strategy
  • Quickly select security objectives from controls bodies like NIST, SANs, HIPAA and get them operating in your environment immediately
  • Reduce time and costs by quickly moving from cyber policy development to continuous monitoring and cyber protection.

BAP OCS is now available. To learn more please contact us.

About BAP, LLC

BAP is a pioneer in cybersecurity strategy implementation and governance.  Their recently engineered technology enables organizations to achieve industry mandated objectives including GDPR, DFARS, NIST, HIPAA, SEC Cyber, and New York State Cybersecurity regulations. BAP modernizes the correlation between security events and security standards, giving you a comprehensive and intelligent view of your system’s cyber health. BAP, which stands for, Build. Analyze. Protect, is the undisputed choice for organizations that are serious about accountable security.

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