Why BAP?

BAP is transforming cybersecurity by bridging the gap between IT and Policy to give unparalleled real-time threat detection.

BAP was created to give organizations an innovative way to tackle security visibility.


By connecting key congruities between security policy and events, BAP enables organizations, for the first time, to automate policy control implementation.  By applying artificial intelligence to policy and standards, BAP gives governance and technology unprecedented, real-time reciprocity and accountability.

BAP is a pioneer in cybersecurity strategy implementation and governance.  Their recently engineered technology enables organizations to achieve industry mandated objectives including GDPR, DFARS, NIST, HIPAA, SEC Cyber, and New York State Cybersecurity regulations.

BAP modernizes the correlation between security events and security standards, giving you a comprehensive and intelligent view of your system’s cyber health. BAP, which stands for, Build. Analyze. Protect, is the undisputed choice for organizations that are serious about accountable security.

Who is BAP for?


BAP empowers an organization to answer the question “What is my cybersecurity strategy”?  This unique approach to security is driven by the bap Framework, a nucleus of tools designed to organize and automate policy and event log management.  The net result is transparency and visibility between an organization’s C-Suite, IT Security and Governance leadership contributors.

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