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bapSoftware gives your organization unprecedented, real time visibility of cybersecurity health.
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Accountable Security

Beyond compliance. Experience real cyber health.

Effective cybersecurity requires accountability. Do your security events measure up to policy standards? BAP aligns system events to policy controls for continuous and accountable visibility. Automate your cybersecurity strategy with unparalleled real time policy-to-event intelligence.

Easily establish and automate essential security standards. Import and activate GDPR, PCI and other security controls.


Automate Federal and DOD security standards. Real-time security health status accountability to RMF, FISMA, FEDRAMP, DFARS and more.


Mobilize SEC and FDICIA policy objectives to the NIST controls.


Discover unprecedented HIPAA security health automation and accountability.

Building an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

Governance meets technology
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Discover and build the security standards you need to enhance individual and organizational cyber health.
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Validate your established standards to meet customized implementation criteria.
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Make your standards accountable. Discover the benefit of continuous threat detection and forensic point-in-time visibility through automated security standard to event mapping.

The Problem

The Cybersecurity Gap

Compliance is Not Security

Here’s reality: security standards are not active and words alone won’t deliver outcomes. While documentation of a policy’s existence is a start, it does not indicate security health. Compliance is not security.

Connecting Policy to Events

An effective cybersecurity plan measures the health policy requirements. Without automated connectivity between policy and events, you are fighting a losing battle. Connecting thousands of events logs to hundreds of security controls with competence and system wide continuous monitoring visibility requires a higher level of mapping than what a SIEM or log aggregator can provide.

Cost is Unwieldy

Current gap analysis procedures are heavily dependent on manual, time-consuming and costly activities. These processes require months of searching, review and investigation to determine which policy control ties to the applicable system activity. The slow response time only perpetuates vulnerabilities.

The Solution

Policy to Event Automation


Go beyond compliance. Establish accountability.

Build, organize and activate your policy, all in one place. Fully customize or get bapJumpstart for immediate policy activation of one of many security standards (GDPR, DFARS, HIPAA, PCI etc).


Continuous Monitoring of Policy Control and System Health

Automate connectivity between policy controls and log generated events. Understand security health levels ranging from individual control monitoring to systemwide, policy combined enterprise wellness. Real time accountable security.


Affordable, scalable, accountable.

Experience the freedom of protection by automating your cybersecurity foundation. Innovative cost design provides a free software framework that rewards efforts towards building a secure cybersecurity structure.

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